Fees and Admissions

Admissions Policy

  • 2-3s Group. Children may join this group on their second birthday. Fees are outlined later on in the booklet.
  • 3 – 5s Group. Children are eligible for a place at the 3-5’s Group at the next intake after their third birthday (ie August, January and April). We cannot guarantee a place but intake will be done in order of age. When a place becomes available it will be offered to the oldest child on the waiting list.


Dyke Pre- School Centre is in Partnership with Moray Council to provide funded early learning and childcare.
Funded sessions are provided to preschool children and some 2 year olds. These sessions are not flexible and must not be carried over if missed, or swapped for different sessions during the term

All fees must be paid for, for all allocated sessions (funded or paid for) This includes any days off due to illness/holidays.

Summary of fees

Child Care for Children Aged 3-5 years

Funded Pre-School Places

5 x 6hr sessions free

Additional 3 hr 10 min sessions


Child Care for Children Aged 2-3 years

Some 2’s are eligible for funding please ask if you are not sure.

2-3 Club 3 hr 10 min sessions



85p per session


Invoices will be issued at the beginning of each term for the forthcoming term’s session fees. Fees are payable in full 14 days after receipt of the invoice.

Payment Methods

Our preferred payment method is direct to our bank account;

  • Bank of Scotland
  • Account No. 00309859
  • Sort Code 80-06-81
  • Please provide the child’s name as the reference on the payment.

Late Payment of Fees

The process of issuing reminders to parents for outstanding fees is both time-consuming and embarrassing due to the nature of our all parent management. To support the Treasurer’s role, we have created a policy for the late payment of fees based on best practice guidance from the Care and Learning Alliance.
Please note that payment by instalments is available only by prior arrangement.

1. The treasurer issues invoices at the beginning of each term for the forthcoming term’s fees.

2. Invoices will be issued with the notification that “payment is due immediately” and “full payment is required within 14 days of the date of the invoice”. The specific date will be detailed on each invoice.

3. If fees are not paid by that date, the Treasurer will issue a first reminder letter with a note of the outstanding fees and with the payment deadline of a further 7 days.

4. Continued failure to pay will result in a second reminder email being sent by the Treasurer giving an additional 7 days and a warning that the child may be denied access to the Centre

5. If no payment is received the Treasurer will issue a final reminder letter stating that access to the Centre can only resume when payment has been received in full the letter will be sent by recorded delivery. The child will not be accepted in to the centre from this date.

6. If the late fees are still not paid in full, the committee will raise an Action through the small claims court at Elgin Sheriff Court and the parent will be liable for all charges.

7. If the child arrives at the Centre when access has been denied, the Lead Practitioner will first contact the parent for immediate pick up. Failure to do so will result in Social Services being informed.