A big thanks to Peter and Emma Sedwick of Rural Communications for the donation of sacks of play sand to renew the sand pit and a sack of
sunflower hearts for your wildlife garden.

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Our Preschool now has an extension to our garden. This has only been made possible through generosity and hard work of people within our community. We are so tremendously grateful! Firstly, Ros Davidson at Mudhall Farm. Our project was made attainable by your generous gift. We are overwhelmed by your benevolence.

Mhairi Ironside along with Lucie, Charlie and the Garden Doctor worked tirelessly throughout the Easter break to ensure the new ground was ready. Donating their time and Labour to our project.

Tony Weir Fencing Ltd and his boys made a fantastic job of our stock fence. They were courteous, quick, efficient and professional. The children loved watching the machines and were full of questions. Tony and his team were patient and gracious in explaining everything they were doing. All the materials and Labour were donated to our project by the company. Again, we are totally blown away with their philanthropy.