Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation is a programme to help children to manage their feelings and behaviours. It is an approach that we have started to use across the Pre-School and Dyke Primary school, and embed as part of our health and wellbeing curriculum.

Emotions can confuse or overwhelm our children. We need to help them learn to understand the connection between their sensory systems, emotions and their abilities to relate to the world while developing their self awareness. The goal of the Zones is to help children develop social, emotional and sensory regulation.

The Zones provide teachers and parents with a set of sequenced lessons encouraging children to learn about their own regulation system and how they can deal with it. The Zones use four colours to help children identify visually and verbally how they are feel-ing at any particular moment.

Children explore a variety of tools ( sensory supports, calm-ing techniques and thinking strategies) that they can use to regulate what zone they are in. They are taught when, why and how to use these tools. In addition the Zones curriculum helps children learn more about emotional terms, skills in read-ing facial expressions, recognise triggers for their behaviour and develop problem solving skills.


Green Zone

I am feeling

Happy, focused, ready to learn and calm.

Blue Zone

I am feeling

Sad, tired, bored, nervous or sick.

Yellow Zone

I am feeling

Frustrated, silly, a little out of control, worried or excited.

Red Zone

I am feeling

Angry, upset, out of control, wanting to yell or hit or am refusing to work.